What’s the Woof on Pets & Painting?

Your pets are part of the family for sure. Non pet owners probably think we are all barking mad, however once you own a pet, it’s true that they soon become a mainstay of family life.

They live with us through birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, and everything in between, including home renovations. What we want to make sure of is that during our renovations, our pets are kept at a safe distance, and protected at all times.

Pets such as cats and dogs are generally territorial in nature, and when strangers are in our home, its can stress them out, and they may not understand what all the movement is about. Make sure the general routine is upheld, and spend some quality time with your pets during the process to relieve their stress. Hey, inducements could even work; buy the cat a toy, and the dog a bone. Not that original I know.

You also need to consider toxic fumes. When you are undertaking an interior painting project, the toxic fumes can be extremely strong, which might make your pets feel sick and uneasy. Give your pets plenty of air, and ventilate the room as much as possible.

Contractors from time to time may also leave small items around, such as screws and plastic. The last thing you want is for your little darlings to choke on something, which will surely mean a trip to the vet. Make sure that all areas are tidied up all the time. A good interior painting contractor will be on top of this, however worth noting.

Also, be careful that your pets don’t get in the way of your interior painting contractors. They could easily knock them off a ladder, or could even just sit and stare at them all day, which will put any good painting contractor off their game #stopstaring. Remember, no one loves your pets quite like you.

Pets, especially cats are known for their curiosity. A freshly painted wall could be compelling for a cat to check out. Imagine coming home after a long day at work to see your cat stuck to a wall. Not happy Jan! Not to mention the fact that the wall may have to be repainted. A large sized dog could also knock over a can of paint. It may make for a cool Youtube video, however a real nuisance when you are focused on an interior painting project.

If it’s a longer term painting project, you may consider putting your pets in storage for a period of time, or asking a friend or relative to be there at times that you can’t. Either way, don’t forget about including your pets when it comes to the choices you make for your interior paint job. I am not suggesting you get their advice on colour choice, however think about any issues that may affect them during the project.

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