Adding a New Look on a Shoestring Budget

Did you know that you can spruce up your rooms for a very low cost? People sometimes have a misconception that hiring a professional painting contractor automatically means big bucks. This is simply not the case. When painting your home, there are so many variables that determine the end painting quote. Therefore, it really does pay to talk to a painting contractor before you undergo the enormous task of DIY.

Furthermore, it may take less paint than you think to achieve a new look for your home. For example, you may have white walls presently in your home. Looking at your home from an interior design standpoint, it could just mean a couple of feature walls throughout, some wallpapering, and before you know it, your home has a fresh new look, and better yet, all undertaken by a professional painting contractor.

Painting your home via DIY can seem fun and cost effective; however there are hidden traps when painting that only a painting contractor with years of experience would know. Professional home painters can also assist you with colour choice, and suggested paint finishes. Along with this, DIY has hidden costs, including purchasing the right tools & ladders to complete your paint project successfully, not to mention the costs associated with buying drop sheets, brushes, roller trays and poles, as well as purchasing materials such as putty, sandpaper,and turpentine.

When thinking about interior home painting, also consider the type of furniture you have in the room, along with artwork on the walls. By changing this around, or adding new pieces, it can dramatically enhance the overall look and feel of your home, and can also accentuate your new interior painting job.

The morale of this article is that painting your home can be a fun experience, and more importantly, can be done effectively on a shoestring budget. At Powerhouse Painting, we can assist you through your entire interior painting journey. As trusted painters in the industry, we will make sure that your end result exceeds your expectations.

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