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Decorating Your Entrance Foyer

Decorating Your Entrance Foyer The foyer is the room that greets you and your guests as soon as you step through the front door. This is the first space guests see of your home, yet often foyers & entryways are neglected. You may even say, my foyer is so small, why bother with it at [...]

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Making the Most out of your Small Space

Making the Most out of your Small Space We don't all have the money to knock down a wall simply to make a room look bigger. There are other options though. Why not redesign your small space to make it appear larger than it is? Can this work for bank accounts as well? Probably not! [...]

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Colour – Remove the Fear Factor

Colour - Remove the Fear Factor Is fear holding you back from choosing your favourite colour for the home? Do you recall the saying ‘fortune favours the brave’? Making a decision on colour can throw the strongest sailor overboard. Decorating your home should be fun and inspiring, yet the fear of choosing the wrong colour [...]

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Colour Choices in Your Home

Colour Choices in Your Home Colour choices can play an important role in our daily lives from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. According to studies, our choice of one colour over another colour may have something to do with the way colour makes us feel. Colour choices in our homes have [...]

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Painting Your Guttering, Fascia and Down Pipes

Painting Your Guttering, Fascia and Down Pipes Many people are confused about what colours to paint their guttering, fascia and down pipes.  Most people can’t change their roof colour without involving a professional.  Therefore start with your roof colour and select complimenting colours for the other exterior surfaces. There are no specific rules around what [...]

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How to Choose a Paint Colour

How to Choose a Paint Colour In some instances you may have furniture that doesn’t match your homes look & feel. Before you change your room’s décor, try a fresh coat of paint. If you’re starting to cringe at the thought of taking on another paint job, you’re not alone, however painting is the most [...]

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Using Colour for Decoration

Using Colour for Decoration Many people are afraid to bring colour into their personal space. It can be seen as taking a risk, however colour can make you feel better, and can both heal and delight the senses. Colour can change moods and create emotional reactions. Both small & big business is now onto this. [...]

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The Hazards of Using Scaffolding

The Hazards of Using Scaffolding  We have many enquiries from our clients asking about the hazards around scaffolding, and how to use them safely. Below are a list of some commonly asked questions with our responses. Our responses are only suggestions. Please make sure that you do your own evaluation and research prior to using [...]

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Painting Interior Woodwork

Painting Interior Woodwork The woodwork found inside your home, such as skirting boards, doors, door frames, architraves, windows and their frames and sills, gives an opportunity to make a stylish and bold statement with colour choice. Many people like to keep the main walls of their rooms a classic, neutral colour palette that will remain [...]

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Keep Your Home Mould Free

Keep Your Home Mould Free  Mould and mildew can form on painted walls when there is extreme humidity and insufficient ventilation. When mould forms, this may lead to breathing issues, allergic reactions, not to mention unattractive aesthetics. Many people do not even know there is an issue until a smell becomes noticeable, or health concerns [...]

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