Body Corporate Painting – Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, and Ipswich

A body corporate situation is never a simple one; on top of an at times high cost, there are countless people to consider. If not handled by capable body corporate painters and contractors, the most minor changes can be nothing short a nightmare. Thanks to PowerHouse Painting, body corporates all throughout Brisbane, Gold oast and Ipswich have been able to keep costs under control and all parties pleased; we are here to help you empower your contained body corporate community with a bold new look.

We can help with:

  • Rebranding your premises;
  • Graffiti removal;
  • Renovations;
  • And so much more.

Whatever the task may be you can rely on us to provide professional body corporate painting services that leave a lasting impression. And as an added bonus to you, we will be there for to ensure that all parties concerned understand processes and costs involved. It is our aim to make your body corporate painting project as seamless as possible.

Proven Process around Body Corporate Painting

For the peace of mind of your board and residents, we’ve broken down our entire painting process:

  1. Contact us to arrange a consult and estimation where we will run down costs and the needs of your business.
  2. When you agree to the body corporate painting estimate, you will receive a detailed quote within 24 hours.
  3. Once you have approved your quote, our Admin Coordinator will contact you directly to establish a date and time that works in perfectly with your body corporate board members.
  4. You will then be supplied with a basic Master Painters Contract for work up to $3,300 along with a detailed write up of your painting project for your approval – this will include colours, surfaces and job type.
  5. Once everything is signed and approved, we get to work transforming or repainting your apartment complex.
  6. When done, excess dust is removed from furnishings and fixtures, floor surfaces are broomed or vacuumed and all paint spots removed from surfaces.
  7. Before we leave, we walk you through your project, allowing you to carefully inspect it for any potential defects.

We guarantee no undue complications or excess costs – making the process of re-inventing your little community that much easier. Whether your apartment complex is based in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, or Gold Coast, we will look after your body corporate painting project from start to finish, making sure that it exceeds your expectations.

PowerHouse Painting, the Brisbane body corporate painting specialists – call us on (07) 3290 6749 today for your free colour consultation.