Men of Queensland, have you taken ownership of a space in the home for your getaway? Before you build the bar, buy the pool table , and order the 80’s arcade games, think about how you can spruce up the interior with a man cave look and feel. The interior painting will bring life to your men’s den, and will set the tone for the overall ambience of the room.

Choosing the best colour for your man cave is the first step to creating a private space that you will be proud to both spend time, and entertain in. Instead of complicating the space with too much design, keep the space simple, and only choose two to three colours for your interior painting project. This will keep the main focus on the items in your man cave, and will give the room space to breathe.

Being that your man’s den might be your escape from reality, a place to hide and pretend for a while that your kids have been zapped up by Martian’s, it doesn’t need to look like a WW2 bunker. Keep your interior painting colours light and simple, with just a hint of testosterone. That way the boys will love to hang out in it, and the girls won’t think that they have stepped into the Playboy Mansion.

When choosing your interior painting colours, here are a few that we would suggest. Red always looks great, and works extremely well with sports and auto themed rooms. Choose a warm red, as opposed to a high impact blood red, as this will be less inviting. Royal Blue is also a popular colour, as it symbolises a man’s space quite well, however if it is too dark, it will take away from the space, and make it look more cluttered.

A man cave doesn’t have to be about sports or cars though. Now that you’re off the floor, maybe you could consider bringing in a more retreat look and feel. Maybe a place to meditate, do yoga, and spiritually align again. If so, a grey blue can work extremely well in this instance, as it has a calming effect on the mind.

Whatever colour you choose, the fact that you have a man cave is pretty awesome, so compromise on design and colour with the rest of the family so you don’t get locked in your man cave for good. Interior painting can be fun for the entire family, and decking out a man cave can be an extremely creative process.

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