Colour Choices in Your Home

Colour choices can play an important role in our daily lives from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. According to studies, our choice of one colour over another colour may have something to do with the way colour makes us feel.

Colour choices in our homes have a large impact on our comfort level, and can make us feel a certain way, or put us in a certain mood. It has been proven that colour can make a person feel relaxed, happy, and in some cases, can increase a person’s appetite.
Here are some colour examples to look at –

Green is a soothing, calming colour. It represents nature, good health and cleanliness.

Yellow – Yellow portrays the bliss of sunshine and communicates happiness. It feels expansive and welcoming. Yellow also helps you concentrate. The colour yellow is perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, hall, entries, and other small spaces.

Red – Red is an intense colour that represents danger, power and strength.
Purple – Purple is the colour of royalty, sophistication and romance. It brings out feelings of power, ambition and wisdom. Light purple is more romantic and nostalgic, while dark purple can bring out frustration and sadness. Lighter versions of purple such as lavender and lilac can be a great colour choice for bedrooms.

Pink – Pink is a feminine romantic colour that can bring out feelings of tranquillity and passiveness. Shades of pink can be a great colour choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Black – Black symbolises power, authority, prestige and elegance. Black is a great accent colour. Consider using it for picture frames, accent pillows, trims, lampshades, etc.
White – White usually signifies purity, goodness, cleanliness, simplicity and innocence.

Brown – Brown is a neutral colour found in earth, wood, and stone. Brown is a warm colour that represents wholesomeness and earthiness. The colour brown also brings out feelings of stability and dependability.

Colour can determine many things in your home. Play around with some ideas, and think about how you want people to feel as they enter each room. For further colour advice, contact Powerhouse Painting via our website We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.