Decorating Your Entrance Foyer

The foyer is the room that greets you and your guests as soon as you step through the front door. This is the first space guests see of your home, yet often foyers & entryways are neglected.

You may even say, my foyer is so small, why bother with it at all? Because the foyer is the first thing people see, we still need to pay attention to it. The foyer is usually where first impressions are made, and you know what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Cliché done!

The tiniest of foyers can be made to feel grand. Moreover, the largest of foyers can be made to feel warm & cosy.

Remember, you can be adventurous with your design and colour choices in this room, as people are only there for a brief period. You can design and paint this room keeping in mind your local environment. For example, a Gold Coast foyer may be centred around summer colours, whereas an old Queenslander in an outer Brisbane suburb may be different again. The foyer sets up the tone for the rest of the house. It’s the equivalent of a movie trailer before the actual movie. I’ll need to work a bit on this analogy.

Here’s some questions you could start with; what colour should the walls be? How can I compliment the space with furniture? What other accessories will lift the room? In this article we will just focus primarily on colour? Why? Well, being that we are painters, colour is kind of our thing. It’s worth mentioning again that when we consult on colour choice, we will choose a different colour dependant on location, therefore think about your outer environment? Are you near the beach on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast? Do you have a modern home in Logan, or maybe you have a post war home sitting on acreage in Ipswich? When we consult on a Brisbane, Ipswich, or Gold Coast residential painting job, we take into account both the inner and outer environment.

Ok we are slightly bias, however we believe that painting is one of the most effective ways to give your room maximum impact. Just agree already! You also may want your foyer to have a clever wallpaper design to add a bit of sophistication to your entrance. If you choose wallpaper for instance, you won’t require as much artwork on display. Therefore, the Rembrandt can be tucked away in the spare room, or we can always mind it for you #getrichquick.

Think about adding a mirror to your foyer. A mirror can be an excellent friend to a small space, as it opens up the room. You could also add a chair for affect, and it also gives people a place to sit before you decide if they are worthy of entering your home. Joking of course…Friends beware.

Ultimately what we are trying to say is that you should focus on your foyer or entrance as much as the other rooms in your home. And if you need a hand to decide colour range & design, we are here to help. At Powerhouse Painting, we focus on bringing traditional values and high quality standards to every job we undertake. We would welcome the opportunity to quote on your next Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, or Ipswich residential painting project. You can find us at


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