Superior Door Painting for your Brisbane, Ipswich, or Gold Coast Project…

Your doors, inside and out, are the last little touch that can bring your Brisbane or Gold Coast’s home’s entire aesthetic together. With the help of PowerHouse Painting, you can finally complete your home’s look.

We specialise in using Sikkens to protect and bring out the nature colour of your timber doors.

But before a single brush stroke is made on your doors, we will help you make a colour and paint choice:

  • Works in with your home’s overall style
  • Complements spaces on either side
  • Makes the most of the door’s materials and details

Why do we do this for just a door? Because we want to be sure that the product you use and colour you choose for your door will look as good now as it does in 5, 10 or 20 years time.  Timber doors are a large investment and it needs to be right.

Door Painting Procedure

When handling any door painting job, we use the same foolproof process that has worked for us for years:

  1. Colour consult & estimate
  2. Quotes, contracts and dates
  3. Work is started, finished, cleaned and inspected.

See how simple it is? Before you know it, your door or doors will be the key detail to the masterpiece that is your home. Just remember that any variations or added areas needed to be noted in writing for an added estimate and quote. Think of us for your next Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Ipswich doors painting project.

Opportunity is knocking, call PowerHouse Painting on (07) 3290 6749 today to find out more.