Painting your home in Brisbane

Getting agreement on Colour Choice is Like Pulling Teeth

So you are looking at painting your home, and allowing colour choice to be a family decision? Fun? Maybe not so! Painting your home is definitely an exciting time. Just the thought of adding new life to your existing abode, not to mention claiming bragging rights when friends and relatives pop around can be exhilarating. But wait there’s more!

The paint doesn’t magically appear, and therefore we have to narrow down a colour choice out of thousands of home painting colour choices & ideas. Mum & Dad want to bring the kids as well into the decision making, and because mum & dad haven’t been able to decide, it seems like a good idea to add a few extra voices in. Hell, let’s give the dog a vote also!

Now we have a handful of ideas being screamed out from the peanut gallery, adding both confusion and tension to our colour decision making. Here’s the thing; the idea of colour choice for your home painting project can be a group decision, however there needs to be a final, no questions asked umpire to make the captains call (saying compliments of Malcolm Turnbull). Otherwise, your family painting project could make the Courier Mail or Gold Coast Bulletin for all the wrong reasons.

Firstly, collaborate on the colours that you definitely don’t want. This process will help you narrow down in a broad sense what the showstoppers may be. Compromise is always a good idea. Not everyone is going to be thrilled with every colour choice made, however because there are literally thousands of colour types, you should be able to come to some type of compromise with individual family members.

Now go through the individual rooms being painted, and think about the type of look & feel you are trying to create. Your interior painting job must be practical of course, while at the same time showing the personality of your family, yes maybe even the dog also. In the end, the family needs to respect the final umpires decision, and hopefully this can be done without anyone moving out of the home you are about to paint #imoutofhere

Working on a large task such as a home painting project can be draining, however once the colour choice is made, you will be able to visualise the new look of your home, and this will spur you on to keep the project moving forward. Enjoy the process, and if you would prefer a visit to the dentist than continuing with your painting project, you might be doing it wrong.

Painting good enough to be framed

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