Green combinations that you may have not considered

Choosing colour combinations for your home painting job can be a whole lot of fun. We can sometimes take the conservative route though, choosing well known colour combinations that are tried and tested. I’m about to throw a couple of value bombs your way, as far as sharing some combos that you may not had thought of.

The colour combinations we choose for our interior panting project can make or break a room. And for that unique look & feel, try combining colours that both complement each other, however are outside the norm of what most people would choose. This adds some zing to your home painting job, and makes each room stand out.

Emerald & Green

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Remember the Kermit the Frog song, “It’s not easy being green”? Well Kermy has obviously never painted a home. Green is a super easy colour to mix and match with, and coupled with Emerald, provides a beautiful almost country type feel to a kitchen in an older Queenslander. However used in a modern setting, can be a bold statement, and can really set of a calm mood within the room. Even Miss Piggy would be impressed.

Yellow & Green

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Yellow & green work amazing together in both a modern and traditional setting. And if you are wanting to recreate the 70’s retro era, green & yellow together will make you want to start picking flowers and singing folk songs.

‘The times they are a changing’, however some combinations always work well together. In more contemporary settings, yellow & green together will help you to bring a fresh and modern feel to your interior painting project. This would work well for a main lounge area or even a media or rumpus room.

Green is Good

Next time you are considering new colour combinations for your home painting project, remember that green is good, and works well with many other colours. It adds excitement to your room, and provides a fresh & clean interior vibe.

Interior painting projects are not something you consider every day, and you want to think about your external environment both at the time you paint, along with what the future trends may be. Green is a constant plank in the floorboard of colours, and choosing a colour that compliments it well will bring your interior painting project to life.

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