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Making the Most out of your Small Space

We don’t all have the money to knock down a wall simply to make a room look bigger. There are other options though. Why not redesign your small space to make it appear larger than it is? Can this work for bank accounts as well? Probably not! Anyway…..
By using certain design techniques & colours, you can add depth and functionality to your space. We do it with our Brisbane & Gold Coast home painting clients all the time, and the results can be amazing. Think about combining the following elements to your small space, and turn your room into a more relaxing place for you and your family to enjoy.

Colour – Colour – Make sure the paint you choose is quality pigment paint so that it reflects and transmits light to make the room appear larger.Choosing the right colour scheme can open up a room and give it a new look & feel. Choose light shades of blues, greens, or yellows instead of just plain white. Darker colours can make a room feel smaller, therefore only use darker tones as individual elements.

Lighting – The use of natural night can make an impact on the feel of your space. Use track lighting or a bright lighting fixture in a central area to brighten up your space. A small lamp can also assist in making the space look larger.

Flooring – Flooring can add a brand new look, along with extending the space to make it look much larger. Wood flooring with a neutral colour rug is ideal. If you have a small budget, try pulling up your carpet to see if the flooring underneath is worth salvaging. If not, leave the carpet and try placing a light coloured rug with an attractive pattern in the centre of the room.

Decorating – The best advice when decorating your small space is to keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm the space with too many odds and ends. Place no more than two pictures on each wall. By adding less decoration to your room, the space will feel more open and inviting to you and your guests.
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