Painting Your Guttering, Fascia and Down Pipes

Many people are confused about what colours to paint their guttering, fascia and down pipes.  Most people can’t change their roof colour without involving a professional.  Therefore start with your roof colour and select complimenting colours for the other exterior surfaces.

There are no specific rules around what colour to paint the guttering and fascia; they can be the same colour as the roof or a complimenting colour.  Using different colours is a great way to showcase architectural detail, however when it comes to guttering and fascia, this isn’t always the case. Painting the guttering in the same colour as the fascia is always best, for a broader block of colour being picked out, in contrast to the roof and wall colours.  Be careful if you pick the guttering and fascia out in a separate colour, as it will act like a frame around your house.  This is more suited for a grander style home.

Down Pipes need to blend in with the rest of the house. For some reason, people still like to highlight down pipes with a different colour.  Down pipes are not meant to be highlighted. They should blend in to a point whereby they are almost invisible to the eye.

Paint your down pipes the same colour as the surfaces they are touching i.e. the colour of the fascia, soffit and walls.  Your down pipes may have up to three colours!  If your walls are a multi coloured surface such as brick, colour match as close as possible.  And if you’re down pipes are metal and rusted out, it is wise to replace them with PVC down pipes, prior to painting your home. It is extremely difficult to paint the backs of down pipes while they are attached to the house, so if you are painting them yourself, put a coat of paint on them before they are installed.

Remember, it’s all about quality. If you prepare your surfaces properly, and use high quality paint, your down pipes and gutters will look good for years. In other words, do it right the first time.

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