When it comes to roof painting, the sky is the limit. Without the right colour choice, you can truly allow your house to shine, making it the star attraction of your neighbourhood. PowerHouse Painting is here to help you not only choose that perfect colour but also artfully apply it. Why? Because presentation is our game.

We can help re-imagine any roof on any style of home – it’s all up to you. Don’t forget, your roof is the icing on the cake that is your already stunning home.

Going Above and Beyond

All this re-imagining and transformation wouldn’t be possible without a little extra consideration on our part. When we help you choose the perfect colour, we will walk you through the following factors:

  • The architectural style of your home
  • Your roofing materials
  • The colours of your exterior walls
  • Local weather

Every last little detail we take into consideration ensures the best possible result at the end. In no time at all, your home will look absolutely stunning, from top to bottom.


How do we do all this? Well, when handling any painting job, roof or otherwise, we use the same foolproof process that has worked for us for years:

  1. Colour consult & estimate
  2. Quotes, contracts and dates
  3. Work is started, finished, cleaned and inspected.

Just remember that any variations or added areas needed to be noted in writing for an added estimate and quote.

With PowerHouse Painting on the job, the sky’s the limit. Call us on (07) 3290 6749 today to book your free colour consultation.