Seal the Peel – Adding Longevity to Your Exterior Painting

Even the best routine of cleaning, scraping, sanding and priming won’t stop paint from peeling if water gets into the wood. For this reason, you should inspect and repair any peeling areas annually. By now you are thinking, great, let’s add another chore to my ever growing list of home tasks, right? Well, there is a method to my painting madness.

This pays off in a few ways. Firstly, annual maintenance stops your ant sized peeling to turn into an elephant. Along with this your home will look better, and you will protect any wood from rotting. Moreover, the cost of your eventual home repaint will be lower, as you have kept your existing paint job in relatively good nick.

And if you don’t have time to look at this annually, that is something that we can do on your behalf. Whether you are based in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, or Logan, we can drop in at some stage in our travels and review your current interior and exterior painting work. Our residential home painting specialists are here to help. Okay, plug officially over! Let’s talk moisture…..

When paint peels or flakes, the cause is generally moisture in the wood that lifts or loosens the paint film. Permanently correcting this type of peeling is sometimes difficult, since it means finding and fixing the defects that let the moisture into the wood in the first place. When peeling occurs in fairly isolated spots, such as window sills or frames, fascia boards behind rain gutters, or the bottoms of porch posts, the cure can be fairly simple.

Peeling around windows, including ends of siding near window frames, can often be traced to poor caulking at the joints of the frames and siding, which lets moisture work its way behind the frames to the wood. Leaking rain gutters can cause fascia peeling or peeling of siding or other wood in the vicinity of the leak.

What does all this mean then? By taking care of your home painting more regularly, you can make small fixes to your home painting, which will be easier to manage than undertaking a full scale residential home painting project. One thing that is central to most people living in Brisbane, Ipswich, or Gold Coast is that we love home entertainment, and therefore we want to make sure that our home looks in excellent condition at all times. Peeling paint can take away from your homes’ overall look and feel.

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