It’s what’s on the Inside that Counts

Many home owners focus on the exterior of their home, the curb appeal you might say. I’m not saying the exterior isn’t important. It’s just that the interior is sometimes left to deteriorate for much longer. Understandably at times, especially if you have a Queensland home, the outside elements can be quite harsh, and therefore the outside is probably more top of mind. Also, we continually need to justify to our neighbours that we are worthy of living amongst them J

Queensland has some beautiful suburbs in its armoury. Whether you are in a leafy suburb of Brisbane, through to a more tropical feel, such as the Gold Coast, your interior paint options can not only add a great amount of value to your home, they can also set the mood and feel for your place. Interior painting can also make the home more attractive, clean & fresh. Initially it may seem like a large task, however you will no doubt be proud of undertaking your home interior painting project, once it’s completed of course. #arewethereyet In fact nothing really improves the appearance of your home like a fresh interior paint job.

We may not notice it all the time because we live amongst it all day, every day. However, once you conduct your interior home painting audit, you might find cracks in the walls and ceilings that you have forgotten about, or didn’t even know were there. It is true that housing prices in Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, and Ipswich have stabilised, making it more of a buyers’ market. This then supports the rationale of making your Queensland home more appealing, and keeping it fresh and clean all the time.

Therefore, if you are selling your home, or just looking to update the current look and feel, consider an interior painting project. You’ll be glad you did. There is no better feeling when friends and family enter your home, and you can give them the wow factor through the use of colour and style on your walls and ceilings.

If you would like an interior home painting quote for your place, we would welcome the opportunity to do this for you. We cover all suburbs across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, and Ipswich. For more information, visit


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