Powerhouse Painting is QBCC Licenced providing, A Compulsory Home Warranty Insurance

Home warranty insurance is a compulsory Licence requirement, offering protection for homeowners. It provides cover in situations where the contractor fails to complete the work, the work is defective, or subsidence occurs.

Our industry governing body, the QBCC reformed the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme legislature to include painting projects.

The Queensland Home Warranty Scheme is a compulsory insurance premium paid by all residential customer and body corporate customers (who live in complexes no more than 3 stories tall). The premiums are collected by painting contractors and paid on top of the quoted price of the painting project.

If you are a homeowner, please note that insurance cover under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme is subject to limitations and exclusions. See Home Warranty insurance explained for more information relevant to homeowners.

The premium schedule is calculated on a sliding scale on all projects $3,300 or more.

The premium on a project worth $3,300 (inc GST) = 186.05
The premium on a project worth $10,000 (inc GST) = $228.45
The premium on a project worth 20,000 = $291.70

The full schedule can be found HERE for all Category 2 (non-structural) projects.

For more information please head to the QBCC website, and if you have any questions as to whether this new scheme will affect your project please contact our head office on 3290 6749 or email us at PowerHouse Painting